A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

HecateBoy is a retro fighting game based on the old GameBoy palette. It was made in about 12 hours for the Mini LD #62, and features 5 levels, a boss fight, and 5 bonus levels. The theme is "Final Boss".


WASD to move. You must repeat keys to move,

giving a chunky/retro feel. Collide with enemies

to defeat them.

Secret bonus:

Once you beat the boss, the bonus levels

are unlocked. If you wish to unlock them

(either because you forgot the code or want to bypass the boss),

you can use the code 'jdf2j' to unlock them. Press the keys in order

without quotes.

Install instructions

The game requires Java 7 to run, and supports Linux, OS X, and Windows. Once downloaded, simply launch the jar to play the game.


HecateBoy MiniLD 62.zip 3 MB

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