A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Pixels in Hell is a top down zombie shooting game where you must
survive as long as possible while collecting power ups, switching your
character for different weapons and health, controlling your NPC for help, and surviving waves for new enemies.

After all adults have been gobbled by zombies, it is the job of you
and your friends to protect the town from the apocalypse. Switch between
friends when health is low and kill some zombies!


Made mostly over the weekend with Java and LibGDX. Assets from OpenGameArt:



Use left click to tell the NPC to move. The rest of the information is included in the game's "How To" level.


Pixels in Hell.jar 16 MB


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It takes some time to understand the game properly, but it's very good .. and HARD. The introduction is very helpful and easy to understand :)

greeting X20000 :)